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Namiko Tanabe García
“A photograph is a moment captured by an image, its not just a picture…It reveals the inside of the photographer, the footprints he’s left behind, his desires; through photographs we show who we really are”.
Personally, I love portraits because in each one of them you can see the person’s feelings, the traces time leaves behind with every wrinkle, that certain look revealing the deepest feelings that the face is trying to hide. Sometimes people show in a portrait emotions they didn’t even know they had“ – Namy Tanabe
As for the photography of products, she likes to stand out the best in them, in a way that when the observer looks at the photograph, he’s left with a very strong impression and he wishes to have it. In other words, she loves her clients to be fully satisfied with her work.
The nude portrait is her passion; she says that “each body is a life that interprets the deepest feelings of the soul; a naked body is a naked soul”.
With regard to architectural photography, she puts special emphasis on showing the lines and the curves of the structures, where, she says, lies the “strength of the structure”.
As for landscapes, she makes us feel that we are in that certain place, she makes us want to be there.
Her photographs emphasise feelings, social concerns, and poetry. She makes the beauty that we all have, not only physical, to stand out.
Mexican Photographer of Japanese descent. Born in Mexico City in the year of 1969. Since her early years she has developed a very strong interest for the visual arts, especially Photography. This has lead her to do research throughout the years and even to study a degree in photography at the “Escuela Activa de Fotografia” in Mexico City. After that, she’s been enrolled in various photography courses in Mexico City as well.
Her work can be seen in many publications and has been displayed individually, as well as collectively.

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